Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hands: They Come in Pairs

Sometimes, I wonder if my family hates water.

I've asked them to rinse out their cups and rinse off their plates. Nothing is more irritating than milk left in the bottom of a plastic cup! Normally, they comply with a swish and a rinse and we're all happy.

Then comes the ice cream cup.

For the past 23 years, 3 weeks, and 4 days, Himself has loved to have his nightly ice cream in a cup. He used to choose the largest cup in the house and pack it with ice cream, then pour milk over the top.

I'm begging you not to try this. Once you do, you won't want your ice cream any other way. It's that wonderful.

Lately, he's shown restraint and uses a smaller cup. Kelly enjoys her ice cream the same way. The problem with this is that the swish and rinse doesn't work.

When you eat your ice cream in a cup, there's chocolate left on the sides. This must be wiped out, either with the sponge or the brush.

This means that they'll have to get their hands wet.

I've noticed that they don't do this. They do the swish and rinse and leave all that lovely chocolate for someone else to deal with. Since I figured it must be because they don't like touching water, I bought a long-handled kitchen brush expressly for this purpose.

Maybe it's not the thought of getting their hands wet that is the issue. Maybe it's the fact that they'll have to use both hands.

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