Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Das Boots

For Christmas, Kelly was given a guilt-free shopping trip with her mother to buy a pair of boots.

And there was great rejoicing!

The "guilt-free" part was not so much the cost involved (I set a dollar amount) . . .

. . . it was the fact that she would want to look at every single pair of boots in the mall.

We took pictures of them so we would remember what we had seen.

At the last minute, Himself and Glenna wanted to come along. We warned them that this was a guilt-free expedition and we were most definitely going to look at each and every store, and each and every pair.

Not only did they have to feel right and look right, they had to go with her porcelain skin and not look too yellow. This is so she can wear them with dresses.

She's so purty.

Just when we were about to go back and purchase the first pair she had tried on, Glenna recalled passing a store that was full of boots on sale. A girl after my own heart! Half off, even!

The winners!


agable said...

I love the boots! Boots are so much fun :)

Jessica Leigh said...

I'll be honest: I never thought Kelly would find a pair to her liking on the FIRST shopping trip! ;-P

Way to find a sale, Glenna!
Way to LIKE the sale item, Kelly!
You're my kind of ladies. :D


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