Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trek Games and Bible Bowl

Today was my 9th Bible Bowl and Trek Games!

Our church made a great showing in Bible Bowl . . . 3rd place out of 9 teams. Kudos to Calvary Baptist and Brush Arbor Baptist for their respective wins! Those teams were SO prepared!

To win Bible Bowl, the team really has to be able to memorize scripture and repeat verbatim. Many teams try to ace the multiple choice and then lay low on the speed round, but scripture memory is worth 40 points!

At one point the quiz master started with, "Recite 1 Corinthians 13: . . . " and a team buzzed in before he could give the rest of the reference. The young man bravely stood after conferring with his team, said, "I'm going to go with 1 Corinthians 13:1." He not only proceeded to recite it perfectly, but it WAS the right one! A lucky shot!

In the Trek Games, there were only 4 teams. We always pray to be in front of a slow team and behind a fast one on the game circle. The games are SO much fun! When we were down to our last two events, I happened to look at the score board. I was stunned to see we were in a three-way tie for first place! We ended up taking second place - on the Balloon Relay, one of our girls had her heel on the line and we were disqualified.

When they announced the winning score, we lost to the first place team by only two points. Had that heel not hit the line, we would have won first place for the first time ever. =)

As fun as the games and Bible Bowl are, I'm thankful they're over. They take a lot of preparation and stress, but they're so worth it. Now, however, I feel I can relax and enjoy my JV kids for the rest of the year.

Next year? Still praying about that one. Glenna will be in high school so all my kids are out of JV. We shall see what we shall see!

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agable said...

Congratulations on 3rd place! That's awesome :)


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