Monday, February 08, 2010

Stepping Lightly

When my friends, Ben and Angela, were married, I was thrilled to direct their wedding. I had know Ben and his family since we moved here to the Sandbar and was so thrilled when God chose Angela to be his wife!

One of the most comical things that happened at the wedding, at least to me, was the response the groomsmen had to my requests. I had known many of them since they were pre-teens and I still had that "Mrs. W"/authority figure thing going on, so they would readily and respectfully comply.

When directing a wedding, I often have to scramble back and forth between the Bridal dressing room and the area of the groomsmen. Time is usually running out and I hurry as fast as I can in heels and skirt. During one last minute instruction, I clicked my way back to the groomsmen waiting in the foyer. They couldn't see me but I had to stop and double over with laughter when one of them heard my shoes and said, "Here comes Mrs. W!" I could just imagine some corrections of posture and tie-straightening going on before I rounded the corner!

At a recent women's event at my church, I walked from the Fellowship Hall into the kitchen. Glenna had already turned with a smile to greet me. "I knew it was you, Mom. I heard your shoes."

Ok, am I the only woman on the planet making noise with high heels? Am I the only woman left wearing heels? Am I walking incorrectly and that's why they make so much noise? What's the deal?

Input welcome!


agable said...

Awe, I liked this post a lot :) And I'm pretty sure you walk normally. I mean, I haven't watched specifically, but I think you're good :)

Raquel said...

I recognize my parents by the sound of their keys jingling. :D Oh, and of course "The Whistle."

Jessica Leigh said...

Honestly, I don't know. I never quite feel normal in heels, but all that's about to change (hopefully!).
I bought a pair last week. I've thought of practicing around the house. :)

Shannon said...

I don't think you're unusual. I can't wear heels without clopping either. However, I stopped wearing them after Caiden- I just don't have the kind of balance required to perch on two little spikes and hold a baby on my hip at the same time. Which is ironic, since I was a Gymnast...hmmm. I recognize my Dad's walk and I love it- I say don't change a thing. It's what makes you who you are!


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