Friday, February 26, 2010

This and That

Signs that it's too cold inside the house:

The dogs are huddled together.

My daughters stand close to me while I'm ironing, then place their hands directly on the warmed spot of the shirt.

Kelly has the sunniest room in the house, so she puts on her jacket and sweat pants whenever she has to leave her room and venture into other parts of the house.

I feel like Mr. M, keeping the house at 68. The problem is, if I were to make it warmer downstairs the girls would be roasting upstairs! I can actually feel the temperature drop as I head down the stairs.

I love old houses with poor insulation.

Auto news:

As I picked up Glenna from her volunteer time at the library, I noticed my car was idling roughly, but then fine during acceleration. I tried to keep it moving but of course hit every red light between home and downtown.

Himself came home and called our son. Time to put that TN education to work! He was so helpful with the diagnostics, but now we're at the point of trying to figure out the next steps. I dearly wish he was here.

Travel news:

We leave in ONE WEEK! I can't wait to see Ty and his world. We're taking his brown-eyed girl with us, and she'll fly back to her piano practice the following Monday. I'm making reservations for our room today. Happiness!

Then, more time with BA! We'll arrive at their house on Wednesday. I hope TN decides to warm up just a bit for me. Brrr! I may have to bring the iron and ironing board for warmth. ;-)

That is all.


agable said...

Lots of excitement for the Welshes! :)

Raquel said...

And for the L's! Yay yay yay!


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