Friday, January 06, 2012

The One Where I Air Our Dirty Laundry

The entire month of December, I worked every day at the dentist office. I also worked longer hours because Nancy Pants headed to Georgia early. (Can't blame the gal. She'd earned it!) The office is open on Fridays in December, so we can take the entire last week off.

I saw it as an opportunity to grab shifts at Space Mountain. They have a new requirement for seasonal cast members, like me. We now have to work at least 150 hours per year to keep our seasonal status. Most of my shifts were during the day, with one shift at night.

Needless to say, chores fell behind. Himself was involved in a project and the girls. . . well. . . the girls helped when I left a list. Let's just say they are taking advantage of the fact that they're on a break!
On New Year's Eve Day, I was knee deep in laundry and it just kept coming. I want you to take note of the basket that somehow made itself to the front of the laundry line.

How did Kelly word it? It's a . . . oh yeah . .. PRIORITY LOAD.

I'm already thinking of ways to use this terminology in the future.

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