Monday, January 02, 2012

Why Shopping was Difficult

I just about threw in the towel this year when it came to Christmas shopping. I had an idea to go to this cute import store and make up baskets for everyone with goodies and novelties.

Ever see this?

You're reading that correctly: chocolate bacon. I think Ty would eat it. He's the guy who wants meat salad - no greens, just meat - so this may have some appeal!

I thought this was kind of cute:
I never knew he had spares! I just thought he glowed and glowed. Learn something new every day.

I wonder who I was thinking of when I spotted this item?
Yes. You're correct. That would be me.

Then things began to get a little creepier:



Of course, my dad would have laughed and laughed if I had sent him this stuff. Problem is, he has diabetes, and everyone knows yellow snow and reindeer pies are not good for his blood sugar.

1 comment:

Jessica Leigh said...

Reindeer Pies are the best!
I hope they sell them at World Market! :)


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