Wednesday, January 04, 2012

That Crazy, Radical Thing We Did

A while back I had hinted that we did something crazy and radical, but the dogs were cool with it. Well, here it is!
I saw this idea on Pinterest, of course, where they built a kennel under the stairs of their home. We have an under-stairs closet that was full of BAGS (I'm so embarrassed at how many I had) and family photos. I cleaned out the closet and then Himself cut the hole.

Unfortunately, our alarm is plugged there and we can't move it. Still, it almost looks like a porch light, doesn't it?
The closet has a built in shelf when the door is opened. I was able to put their food, meds and dog stuff, plus their cleaning supplies all on the shelf. It's so great to have it all in one place instead of scattered all over the kitchen!

When we want them in, we put a child's safety gate over the hole and close the closet door. They have plenty of light, food, and water. Eventually, Himself will build a screen to place over the hole. In the future, I see a great play space/house for grandchildren, or for the occasional cutie-pie who comes to play.
It's much roomier than the kennels we were using. By the way; does anyone need a dog kennel or two? I have one large and one smallish. Free!

Waiting for a resident critter.

Here comes one now:

It's a little messy. Glenna needs to do a cleaning and straightening.

They love this little rug, half in and half out of their den. Doesn't Missy look so regal there?
There you go: something actually done from Pinterest instead of just dreamed about! We need a sign to hang over the hole.

Hole in the Wall Gang

Den Sweet Den

Closet Canines

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!


Raquel said...

Okay, Glenna told me you moved the dogs to the closet but she didn't tell me you actually put a hole in the wall! This is great!

Oh, and for the record, I totally thought you installed a porch light or something before I read that it was the alarm! :P

Michelle Guzman said...

Such cute dogs!!! And what a cool idea for their home.


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