Friday, January 20, 2012


Things I love about cleaning the shower: The tiles are orderly and I can keep track of where I am, row by row.

Things I hate about cleaning the shower: Everything else.

More Flylady and Clean Team tips I've retained:

Have all your tools with you. You save time when you're not constantly leaving the project to go get something you need to do the job.

Wear an apron. This allows you to gather small items that don't belong and return them to their proper place LATER, so you don't stop the project you're on. I'm all about stopping distractions!

My son is sick and I'm off to make chicken broth and get him to drink some juice. Between me and his Brown-Eyed Girl, he should be well soon. I thought it would be hard to leave his care in someone else's hands, but I felt such peace knowing she was on her way over there. She loves him, too, and I knew he would be all right. She did everything I would have done - I'm so glad we're on the same team!

I'll be bringing mask and gloves. ;-) Glenna says it will confuse him, but I have a Bible Bowl team competing tomorrow and I can't afford to get sick!

Timer says get back to work!


Jessica Leigh said...

Yesterday was least for us! :)

I forgot to give you the heads-up about the shower... Haha!

Mrs said...

Jessie, I was actually talking about my own! Little did I know I'd be scrubbing TWO showers that day! Actually, I just scrubbed his tub. =/



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