Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cast Member Preview . ..

. . . of the New Fantasyland!

Beast's Castle

The Little Mermaid!

Everything was so fresh and clean and new!

The queue is interactive. These little blue crabs are sorting her "human things" and you help them.

You can see the little crabs through areas like this port hole. If you don't pay attention,  they rap on the glass.

Gaston! We wanted to meet his character, but the line was pretty long. We settled for a photo of his fountain instead.

Which one is Beauty, and which one is Beast? ;-)

A Glenna in her natural habitat . . . a pile of books.

Be Our Guest restaurant. Gorgeous!

A glimpse of the Seven Dwarves Mine roller coaster. I can't wait until it's finished!

This was for Story Time with Belle. It is ADORABLE and a must if you have young children.

Thus ended our Fantasyland preview.
However, the night wasn't over YET . . . .

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