Wednesday, November 14, 2012


After a month of anticipation, the day had finally arrived!

I am bouncing up and down and shifting from foot to foot here.

"Come ON! Let's GOOOO!!!

The Avenger monorail train! It's pretty fantastic to see.



Iron Man

Captain America!!!!!


This was the day that Hurricane Sandy was making her way towards the East Coast. We prayed and prayed for favorable weather. There was a slight sprinkling, and then nothing but a beautiful breeze all day. So grateful!

Fall decorations!

Note the flag. Strong winds made me decide not to fuss over my hair.

Crowds were light that day - it couldn't be more perfect.

Hello, nice laaaaaadddy . .. . the Lady Space.

Himself was technically at work until 5:00 Texas time, so we left him with his cell phone and took a quick ride into Space!

Stitch. The Trouble Maker.

Next: Were we really just there for another Disney Day?

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