Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Himself, Glenna and I had a fantastic day planned for October 26th. I planned it for months and it took no little preparation; we even called in "professional" help in the form of our housemate, Addison.

 70's Makeup!

We weren't allowed to open our eyes until the eyeliner dried, so all I could hear was laughter, the camera shutter, and ask, "What? What did you do?"

 Glenna's turn:

 First false eyelash:
 We have never been able to get these to work, but Addison said she wore them all the time and used to help transvestites with theirs.

 How reassuring.

Lime-green nail polish!

Glenna's cracking up here:
 Her first use of lip liner and she found it hilarious!

I love this self-portrait:

More to come!

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Phyllis said...

What was this for?


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