Friday, November 16, 2012

Storybook Circus

I have this scheduled to post today . . . I'm actually working a shift at Space this morning. I've got to keep earning those passes! ;-)

We loved the Storybook Circus, formerly Toontown at Magic Kingdom Park. They still have Goofy's Barnstormer (now called "The Great Goofini") for which I am thankful. It was Glenna's favorite roller coaster for such a long time!

There are TWO Dumbo rides. Inside the tent is a huge play area where parents are given a pager when it's their turn to ride. Genius! 

Gift shop. But of course.

The Train Station looks so great!

Haha! Tiger Juggling; One Performance Only

There's a huge water area where circus animals on The Little Engine That Could are spitting water at each other. This is going to be pretty popular during the summer, but in October there were kids soakin' wet. Must not be from 'round here. 

Glenna LOVES Lambert, the Sheepish Lion!

Himself had to answer some emails, so we parked him with the strollers and went inside another big tent.

 It's The Great Goofini in person!

 After a short, 10 minute wait with a lot of kids much, much younger than we, it was our turn.
A True Gentleman, the Great Goofini escorts us to our place.

Aaaaandd. . . pose.

Yuk yuk!

Donaldo, the Snake Charmer!

Himself found a Hidden Mickey near the stroller parking!

We were truly having SUCH a great time. The day wasn't over yet, however!

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