Saturday, August 15, 2009

:-) :-( :-)

Things that make me smile:

The Kate staying over.

An FB hello from Vincent.

A freezer full of meals from Dinner A'Fare.

My friends.

Glenna as she enjoys the Newsies soundtrack.

Ty calling to say he'd arrived safely in Tennessee.

School supplies.

An empty laundry hamper.

This statement from Glenna when I explained her Grandpa was being too stubborn to go to the hospital: "At least he wasn't too stubborn to become a Christian!"

Kelly's improved driving skills.

Himself, being himself.

Things that wipe the smile off my face:

The neighbor's dog barking non-stop on an early Saturday morning.

Forgetting to ask where Jessie was running a 5K this morning.

Dirty dishes.

Fretting instead of trusting God.

Not being able to help Ty unpack and move into his apartment in Tennessee.

But then I see that the frown list is way shorter than the smile list, and that makes me smile.

1 comment:

Jessica Leigh said...

Things that make Jessie frown also include not helping Ty move in today. :(
Things that make Jessie smile include the fact that you even remembered my 5K and texted me about it. :) No need for it to make you frown.
Thanks for sharing your Kelly today. She makes me smile. :)


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