Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Musings

Glenna finally talked me into driving to the downtown library today.

Books I will most likely NOT be reading any time soon:

"Math Projects for Young Scientists"

"Exploring with Pocket Calculators"

and the ever popular:

"Math Fables"

The word is officially out that Ty's going to Tennessee for a year. We were so excited when we heard he was accepted at the college! We received the phone call early in July and have been working the details out ever since. Kelly had recently left for Mexico when we got the call.

Working in the kitchen, I couldn't help but bragging aloud to Himself and Glenna.

Me: Did you know my son has just been accepted to a college in Tennessee?

Himself: What a coincidence! Mine did, too!

2 minutes later:

Me: Did you know my daughter just got her driver's license and is now serving the Lord in Mexico?

Himself: What a coincidence! Mine did and is, too!

Glenna: Next time you come out of that kitchen, it had better be something about ME!

Ty leaves Friday for school. I'm handling it surprisingly well (there's enough other craziness to occupy and weigh my thoughts). Sunday was his last set with the music team at church and it just sounded so great, I didn't have time to be melancholy.

I'm thinking this it how it feels when something is good and right and obviously of the Lord. Plus, as I told Ty this evening, I have such peace knowing I'll always be his Mother and he'll always return to me eventually. The fact that there's a pretty, brown-eyed girl here helps, too! I know he'll be coming home often. His sisters will have a much worse time than I will, unfortunately. He plays such an important, supporting role in their lives and it will hard for them when he's gone.

Still, he'll only be a text message or a phone call away!


Matt said...

Remember Mrs. W, it's only "See ya later!" :)

Jessica Leigh said...

I don't know what to say. That last paragraph is so sweet and so true! I have so many mixed emotions about this week, but I'm planning to enjoy every moment.
Here's to hoping my eyes always stay brown!

agable said...

You guys are such fun,sweet parents. I love how proud you are of your kids. It makes me happy.I think they are all equally awesome :)


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