Friday, August 28, 2009

The Inspector

Yesterday's post inspired me to clean the house. We have terrazzo floors, so this involves a lot of sweeping and mopping. It also involves great comedy.

For some reason, Missy (Glenna's dog) watches me closely while I sweep. I don't mean that she stays on her blanket and watches, I mean that she stays within two feet of my broom and tracks every movement.

I have no idea why.

I wonder if she thinks I'm going to unearth something interesting or delicious?

While sweeping the family room yesterday, I noticed that Jack (our schnauzer) had also placed himself within two feet of the broom. This meant that the dogs were continually in my way, dodging the broom, trying to anticipate my moves so they could maneuver accordingly, and sneezing repeatedly from the dust.

What's the deal here?

Finally, I broke out the swiffer and dragged it under Red Mammoth, our massive red couch. As I pulled the swiffer towards me, two balls and one chew toy came out with them.

Mystery solved! Jack pounced on everything he could and a battle with Missy ensued. I was glad to have them out of my hair.

When I broke out the mop, however, Missy was back.

This time, she stood a respectable distance from the mop and watched the action like a tennis match. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. I began to lose track of her and concentrate on the mopping.

It wasn't until I finished the rooms and started to put the furniture back that I noticed it: each room I mopped had fresh paw prints.

The Inspector checked every inch and corner to make sure I did a proper job. I've got the prints to prove it.

Note to self: Put Missy in crate when mopping.


agable said...

Dogs are so funny. I have to put Lucky and Lola away before I clean, otherwise I have two smelly helpers.

Jessica Leigh said...

Reminds me of Tootsie with the vacuum cleaner. Once I thought she was secured in her crate while I vacuumed. I realized, however, that she wasn't when she came darting through the house like a mad woman and affixed her jaws to the vacuum!

TyleresT said...

Dang dogs.
You need to throw them out the window.
works every time


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