Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mad Daze

There's so much I need to write about, but it's difficult to write it down. Partly because of privacy issues, but mostly because if I write it down, that means it's really happening.

The best I can do lately is take each day as it comes. It's not all horrible, but it's certainly all a trial. I guess it could be said that we're all busy with spiritual growth. =)

School starts for us on the 17th so I have been trying to organize schedules and materials. I had a pretty productive day, yesterday! (I hate when Ty leaves and I'm working on the computer, then he comes home and I'm in the same spot. I've done a variety of work! Honestly!)

This has been the most insanely busy summer I have ever had. Normally, I'm able to take a break after July 4th weekend and enjoy a slower pace. It seems everyone is trying to cram in activities before school starts, so there hasn't really been a moment's rest. Perhaps starting school will allow things to slow down.

From here until next Monday, I will be saying "no" to most requests. I apologize in advance, but I know I'll be given the benefit of the doubt. There's much more to life, especially my life right now, than meets the eye. Some days are easier than others; some days I struggle to breathe. In every day, however, I know that God is good.


agable said...

I'm proud of you for saying no! With work starting back up again for the school year, I find myself with less time for other activities. I had to say no to something today, and I felt so guilty! I wonder why we feel like we have to say yes to everything.
I hope you can have a relaxing week to regroup!

Jessica Leigh said...

Although it may seem wistful and trivial, the most sincere thing I can say is, "Ditto." And I mean it.

This morning was wonderful!

Pam said...

Thinking of and praying for all of you this week. I've been in your position before so I know the emotions that go along with some of these changes. I know we'll be dealing with some of those same emotions over here. But you're right, God is good, ALL THE TIME! Looking forward to Wednesday night and praying "someone" all the way up to Tenn. and back (hopefully very soon:-).


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