Friday, January 29, 2010

Come and Get It!

If you have a weak stomach, do not scroll down.

If you are an expectant mother, don't scroll down.

If you get the heebie jeebies easily, don't scroll down.

The explanation is this - I ordered a dish from Dinner A'Fare. When this had first appeared on the menu, I noticed a side note that read "These did not come out great" or something to that effect. When I asked Lisa about it, she told me that one customer decided to ignore that advice and loved it. I read the list of ingredients and decided that it would probably be good, so I ordered it.

It has a name: Mongolian Beef Noodle Bowls.

Now, I've been to B.D.'s Mongolian place before. It wasn't bad, just a glorified stir-fry place and a bit over priced.

The most hilarious thing about this dish was the facial expressions of each family member when they first saw it.

Kelly, stopped in her tracks: Whoa! What is that?

It's Mongolian Beef Noodle Bowls.

Kate's coming over, and there's no way she's eating that.

You're right. She should eat before she comes.

Himself comes to the table ready to eat. He does a double-take. I hastily feel a need to relate the whole conversation with Lisa on the dish. He sits down, barely disguising his apprehension.

Glenna comes to the table with her nose in her new phone. Her reaction was much less subtle.


Gamely, and because of a previous post about the rules in our house, we all sit down to eat. Pretty soon we're each reaching for more bread and more water.

Son, you'll be glad you missed this one. This is where the aforementioned persons can stop reading.


Tina said...

uuuuuummmmm yes I think bread and water would be the order for me also:)

Sterling George said...

yes but how did it taste?

agable said...

I had to look :)
It actually looks like something I might try, depending on the smell :)

Mrs said...

It tasted a little worse than it looked, actually. It smelled great until we added the soba noodles to the meat and veggies . . . it was all nastiness from there.

We each had a helping then sadly tossed the rest. =(

Raquel said...


"Glenna comes to the table with her nose in her new phone."

this sentence made me laugh :D

Anonymous said...

You're right, that looks pretty bad but koodos to you for trying something new!


Jessica Leigh said...

Hm. I'm glad we had meat and potatoes when I came over. :)

Soba noodles are delicious, but I don't think they're intended for that.


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