Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Over a week ago, I went to the doctor for my annual physical. As I mentioned before, that's where he found my ear infection and that my left ear was blocked with infectious matter. It wasn't blocked with ear wax. That would be too easy and less gross.

When he asked the nurse to flush out my ear, I have to admit I got a happy feeling inside. I've had it done once before in California with a waterpik and it was my closest experience to heaven besides being married to Himself and having three children and watching a cute little baby James once in while.

She filled a container with warm water and put this huge, metal syringe in it. She then asked me to hold a container under my ear and informed me that this may be a little uncomfortable.

You know when you're scratching a dog and you hit a sweet spot and its back leg begins to go up and down in a rapid-fire motion?

Well, I get that now. It was all I could do not to groan.

She filled the syringe a second time and that time, the infectious matter dislodged.

Well, that's it, but I'm not sure I've got it all.

You do have plenty of water left.

You're right. I'll go again.

Suddenly, I was three years old and wanted to keep shouting, "Again! Again!" like I would on a merry-go-round or swing.

My ears have been a constant source of literal irritation, related to environmental allergies.

Where can I get one of those things, and how often may I use it?


agable said...

That sounds really interesting! Have you ever used ear candles? They are great for just regular build up, although it sounds like that wasn't the case with you. Glad you can hear! Does everything seem way too loud now?

Jessica Leigh said...

I LOVE ear candles!

Glad you're feeling better! Dinner last night was great fun!

gregoree said...

I use the little rubber thingy that comes with ear cleaning kits all the time. I know exactly what you mean. I usually do it at night then go to bed. The next morning I feel so much better after cleaning them out.

Also, neti pot is another one that makes you feel like a million buck after using.


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