Saturday, January 09, 2010

From Christmas

This is us with Junting Li, our student from China who stayed with us at Christmas. It's the first time we've hosted a male student during the holidays. Funny, because we've only hosted male students from France or Spain but when it comes to the Christmas experience we've always hosted female students from Asia! I'm guessing a female from France would be another story?

Anyway, Junting (sounds like "Hunting" but with a "J") was so great. He's already earned his masters in chemistry and is attending school in South Carolina for his phd in chemistry. His grasp on English was excellent. We hope he stays with us again! It was his first time ever in an American home.

If anyone is considering hosting an international student, I highly recommend it! It's an outstanding cultural experience for you and your family, especially the children.


agable said...

Lovely picture! Where was it taken?

Mrs said...

This was from the Friendship Dinner on his last evening with us. =)

Jessica Leigh said...

Hey, that's a good-lookin' group!


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