Thursday, January 14, 2010


I live in the city.

Himself argues that we are not in the city because we don't live downtown.

Remember Reserve, NM?

Let's just say that where I live, there are many, many more streets and buildings.

I live in the city.

Today is Glenna's first day volunteering at the downtown library. As I navigated the streets and observed the people downtown, I could finally see the appeal to living there. There's a heartbeat and life to downtown that would certainly make life interesting! How cool would it be to leave my building, walk to the local bakery for breakfast, stop at the store for some fruit, and then head upstairs to prepare it all?

How fun would it be to join the group exercising in the park?

How soon would I know the names of the strangers sipping coffee in front of the cafe?

When I dropped Glenna off in front of the library, the doors hadn't opened yet. It took a supreme effort of my will to give her a kiss and drive away. I had already given her the lectures about stranger danger, given her my cell phone, and given her my prayers.

Don't strangers look much more dangerous in the winter when they're bundled up in coats, gloves, hoodies, and knit caps? My girl saw a woman with a baby and stood near her.

That's my girl.

Still, her face looked so pale and young and alone in that little crowd of people. I think it was obvious that we're new to this.

Kelly just called down the stairs, Hey, Mom! Glenna just texted me and she's still alive.


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agable said...

I think I'd really like living where you used to live. The city is exciting, but I much more prefer peace and quiet :)
So proud of Glenna! I know it must have been hard for you to drop her off. Yes, strangers look much scarier in winter wear! I am always much more alert when someone is wearing a beanie...although I've been wearing one everyday so I shouldn't talk :)


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