Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday is Guest Star Day!

People who think that homeschoolers are confined simply to the set of skills that the parents possess are missing the beauty of an amazing array of curricula, online classes, community resources, tutors, mentors, instructional CD-Roms, apprenticeships, lessons, clubs, and--one of my favorites--DVD instruction. Homeschooling, as it turns out, is only limited by the creativity of the parent-facilitators responsible for identifying resources for their children. - Mary Grace from Books and Bairns

Though the above link will lead to a home school product review, I just loved what Mary Grace said on this post. Even though this is our 12th year of home schooling, I still get mixed reactions when people find out we teach our children at home.

The truth is, the biggest struggle for home school families is to STAY HOME and do school! The second biggest struggle is choosing which wonderful resources to say NO to so we're not driving all day. I am thankful that I was able to limit my driving to one day per week this year with Glenna, and Kelly can drive herself to her college classes. (Poor girl has one class each day this semester!)

So, with all this home time, the house should be perfect, laundry caught up, and meals on time, right?

Yeah. I thought not.

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Anonymous said...

Too true! One thing I've enjoyed about being up here is that we're not driving everywhere. I love that Rachel can still take your class with the webcam from her bed :-). But that still doesn't mean my laundry is done!



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