Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another Thank You Note

I hope I'm remembering things correctly. If not, maybe Mom will help me out and I'll edit.

Yesterday, I tried on this lab coat that I purchased.

Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be wearing scrubs? I'm especially thankful first thing in the morning, before coffee.

I put on this lab coat and I had a flashback to my childhood, maybe even my preschool days, and realized that I have become my mother.

If you've ever met my mother, you'll know that's a very, very good thing.

My mom used to rise early in the morning and go to work. She would prepare her lunch and ours, and then leave while it was still dark outside. She did this for 21 years with the same company, though the prepared lunches eventually were replaced by a few dollars.

In my preschool memory, I remember this blue lab coat that she would wear at work. It was either light blue or light green, or maybe it was tanish yellow? At any rate it had these deep pockets. I remember searching through the pockets because I would always find a treasure or two:

A paperclip

An opened roll of Lifesavers

A half-stick of Juicyfruit gum


A rubberband

A bobby pin

I think I also remember her name badge, clipped either on the lapel or pocket. She couldn't get into the building without it (shhh. . . .super hush hush workplace where . . . shhhh. . . CASH REGISTERS were made).

I looked at myself in the mirror wearing my lab coat, and I repeated the phrase I have stated whenever I look in the mirror, ever since I turned 30.

Hello, Mom.

Everything at that moment was my mom.

Up before sunrise, the lab coat, a sleeping child left at home, a bit of breakfast, trying to remember a thousand details; Mom did all of that every day that I can recall of my childhood and teen years until I married Himself. While I know this is a different season of my life, this was her reality. This is the reality of so many single moms today, many of whom I've met at The Park, my church, or my new job.

I'm not a single mom. I do have help, and yet I find it difficult to balance the duality of this life.

Thanks, Mom.

Thank you for everything.


agable said...

This is really beautiful :)

Virginia said...

Light blue and tarnished got it right...What memories we have of yesteryear...greatly written JoAnna
Your mom is a very special person and I see her in you, and that is a good thing.

Jessica Leigh said...

Was there a half stick of gum because your family only chewed half at a time?
We always did that growing up! One of my parents' money-saving techniques. We've slacked off in recent years.


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