Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tips from the Mouse

I've been realizing that there are things I've learned at Disney that will serve me for the rest of my life. Here are just a few:

* A smile really is the best defense. A smile that is genuine (and not condescending), will instantly put people at ease. This applies to all ages.

*Children are great to talk to and appreciate when others show interest in them. (I've always know this, but it was reinforced.) A child is much more willing to wait patiently for adults to finish a conversation if they have already been acknowledged with their own conversation.

*Talking to complete strangers doesn't have to be scary. There are rules of safety that apply here, of course. At my new job, I have no qualms with talking to patients or anyone else. This came in handy when calling for appointment confirmations.

*Showing true interest in someone can make their day magical.

* Always look eye. (Said in Karate Kid accent.)

*Don't interrupt. (What am I, seven? Why do I still struggle with this? Arrrgggh!) Even if you could finish their sentence for them, just let them finish.

* Sometimes your silence is much more important and golden than your clever/intelligent remarks. (See above.)

* Don't take someone's anger or impatience personally. You don't know the full story of their life, so you have no idea what they have been through or where they're coming from today. Extend grace for the unknown elements. (This may or may not apply to road rage. You decide!)

* Be playful. Again, make sure your timing is appropriate! (At Disney, it was almost always appropriate, especially with guests!)

* Safety first.

* Sometimes people don't want their problems solved. Sometimes, they just want to know someone is listening and understands.

And, straight from the Bible (but I personally learned so much about this through my Disney experience) . . .

*Love conquers all. When in doubt, choose to love.

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agable said...

Beautifully said.


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