Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Great Day

Ok, I can't say that I'm standing in a hole this time because we're on pavement.

Darcy really is that tall! I've always been the short one.

I've had such a great time reconnecting with her! We've scored an invitation to her home in CO and I hope to go there some day. Her husband, Mike, would like some ski partners and I feel up to the task!

Ty and I met them at Epcot, went on Soarin'and Test Track with them, then left them to their Epcot adventure. We then headed to Hollywood because I wanted him to experience Rockin' rollercoaster and he convinced me to ride Tower of Terror. I'm so glad he did!

When we were approaching Tower of Terror, I was saying that I didn't trust the ride to be safe.

"Ok, Mom. We're both going to practice trust here. You're going to trust that theme parks make safe rides, and I'm going to trust that I'll get a phone call with a job offer today."

I didn't die on the ride.

He got a phone call on the way home with the job offer.

Then Himself brought Kelly and a girl from her unit, Abby, home for the weekend.

What a great birthday!

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