Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Countdown Ticker is completed and my son is indeed home.

Oh, Happiness!

His stuff is everywhere and that's so beautiful. It's everywhere because it's no longer in Tennessee. He's been busy with job interviews, helping his sister with her school work, visiting his Brown-eyed Girl, and trying to figure out why his new phone is so horrible, so we've extended him grace on the clutter.

I don't care. It means he's HOME!

He's shared with me many things, like the fact that his last instructor charged a quarter for every time someone would say the granddaddy of all swear words. At the end of the 20 day class, the person with the highest grade point average would win the money.

Ty won with his 93.7 (the .7 earned it for him).

He went up to collect his prize and his instructor said, "Wait a minute! You've never had to pay anything!"

"I know. Pure profit."


But he neglected to share with me other things and I discovered them for myself, like the fact that he was given the Honors Award for Academic Excellence because of his GPA. Humble man (and not so humble mom)! That one's for his grandma to read.

On his last blog post, he mentioned that he won't miss eating out of a box anymore. That one hurt my mama-heart! He won't have to.

Not if I can help it.


Raquel said...

I like that system :) How much money did he get?

Mrs said...

Eight bucks. There were 16 dollars worth of swear words in there!

Ty doesn't think everyone paid, because there was a lot of cussin'.

Mrs said...

He had to split it with the night class hence only 8 of 16 bucks.

agable said...

Aw, tears! We're so proud of him! So, so proud.

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Way to go Tyler!!! I'm glad you're a 'not so humble mom'. It's fun for all of us to celebrate his accomplishments and rejoice with him and with you! YAY! TYLER'S HOME!

Jessica Leigh said...

I didn't even know about his award!??!

Gotta love that guy. :)


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