Monday, September 13, 2010

A Night in Infamy

The day was planned for months and months!

Glenna stubbornly stood by her plan to attend Night of Joy when most of her friends decided to attend Rock the Universe, held on the same night. The reason was one group only - Family Force Five. She loves them!

Her friend Rachel, recently relocated to Tennessee, made plans to fly in for the concert. They planned outfits and accessories and considered it a double birthday celebration; Glenna's in July, Rachel's in August. At last, the big day arrived and we picked Rachel up from the airport! Himself and I were all set to get our groove on; from the back in the parent parking, of course. Glenna and Rachel joined their friends who decided at the last minute to come anyway.

Just before the concert started, the stage crew began to cover up the equipment. Clouds were definitely approaching, but we were hopeful that they would bypass us or miss us all together. The Park has an excellent weather system, so when they began to cover up the equipment, we dug out our ponchos.

It rained.

There was lightning.

We stood in a downpour for over an hour.

We kept getting reassuring messages (spiel!) that the concert was merely delayed. Eventually, however, we were disappointed by a force much stronger than the weather.

The Schedule.

Family Force Five came out on stage, covered in rain ponchos, and apologized for not being able to perform for us.

Glenna was crushed!

She enjoyed the rest of the evening with all of her friends, but it was still a pretty hard blow.

By the way, did you know that Night of Joy is the most hated theme night among cast members? Here are some facebook quotes from them:

"Night of Joy? You mean Night of Doom!"

"I'd rather work Grad Nite for 6 weeks straight than Night of Joy."

"I hate them. I'm ready to kill all of them."

"They're obnoxious as hell."

Yes, these are descriptions of a Christian event, and we were able to witness some of this while we were there. It's so heartbreaking that it has that reputation, but there it is.

I have glimmers of hope that I will not be behind in everything forever. Glenna and Rachel helped me attack the dishes that had been on the counter for days. Laundry is mostly done. I'm just trying to figure out my new "normal." I'm thankful to be home at night, but between work and Glenna's classes, I haven't seen a lot of home time yet. Still, last week was more unusual because of the holiday, our Rachel, and Night of Joy.

What will be the reasons next week?


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed for the girls when I heard that FF5 had cancelled. I prayed for their attitude and hope that they had a great time anyway.

Thank you for taking care of my girl!


Jessica Leigh said...

So sad for the girls! What a huge disappointment!


Raquel said...

Sniff sniff.

Thanks so much for letting me stay with you! I still had a great time :)


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