Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Friday night, Himself had gone to the movie store while Glenna and I finished the dinner dishes. Our agenda that evening was to wash the dogs. Tyler had driven to visit Kelly and we weren't sure what time he was going to be back.

Chatting and singing during this chore, we suddenly realized we were hearing Ty at the door. We had to replace the knob and lock a few months ago and I still needed to make him a key. Glenna went over to let him in.

"You're back!" I heard her say.


Glenna came back into the kitchen and said, "Your son is home." (Perhaps she got her conversational skills from me; Obvious Mom.)I heard him come in but looking around, I didn't see him yet.

"Oh is he? Well, I don't see my son."

I looked to my right and suddenly, my world exploded. Peering around the corner was not the face of my son, but the beautiful face of my Kelly!

I screamed and ran to her and couldn't stop crying and hugging her. They decided to surprise me! I don't know why I didn't think of her just coming home for the weekend, but you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Hugs went to Glenna and then I opened my arms as wide as I could. My children came to me and I was holding all three at once, laughing and crying and thanking God. OH, did anything ever feel so good?

We had to wait for Himself to get home and then the surprise happened all over again. The five of us sat in the living room and talked and talked until Himself turned into a pumpkinhead and went to bed.

I went upstairs to make sure Kelly had everything she needed. The sight was so beautiful - Glenna sitting on her sister's bed and the two of them chatting together while listening to music. Tyler was in his room playing with one of the balloons we had used to decorate his room (he was trying to keep it off the floor by bouncing it with his head). All three turned to me and smiled at my happiness.

How does one adequately thank God for a moment like that?

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agable said...

This almost made me cry. So very sweet.


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