Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The English One

On Friday, I taught my last English class. It's the last because I have nothing else to offer these students; they've taken all the courses I offer. There are also changes with me returning to work that make teaching difficult.

I have enjoyed this last year immensely! We have had so much fun together. I have watched these students struggle and triumph and learn. I have learned so much from them as well!

Here are the two senior fellas, Stephen and Daniel, hard at work on their final vocabulary quiz:
These two have made me belly laugh every single class! I've had so much fun with them! Stephen has already earned scholarships for college and I believe is going to our local university. Daniel has honored us with the decision to serve our country in the Marine Corps. Hoo-ah!

The seniors also had the exclusive use of the Easy Button. Their comedic timing with it was impeccable.

I'm embarrassed at the amount of clutter in front of these girls. It was a bunch of snacks and goodies, so I hope that makes it better! Acacia (soph) and Cari (senior) test with sombreros on.
Do you think the SAT and ACT would consider letting students use these? They seemed to help concentration. ;-)

Acacia, on the left, is such a creative and talented writer. I always enjoyed her papers! Such a sweetheart, she always gives me a hug when she sees me at church. I love it.

David won't wear a sombrero, but he'll wear a Cookie Monster shirt. =)
David and Nick are the sophomore stingers. I never knew what they were going to say! Still, they could surprise me with their insights. I know they'll do well their remaining two years in English. (See the Easy Button next to Daniel?)

My students have had to study and learn in the worst conditions. There's no electricity in that room, so we have an extension cord to run a window AC unit. In the winter time, it's freezing and the cord ran a little space heater. One year, I was passing out gloves, hats, and blankets as they came through the door! I had a shop light that I clipped to the ceiling when it got too dark. We've worked in such a cave.

Then, there's this:
The last few days they've had to sit among the clutter of boxes and junk I've been collecting for the Mexico Yard Sale (next weekend). Tyler and I were going to haul it all to the church last weekend, but we both were busy.

Attempt number one at a class photo:
Daniel, put down the pop tarts!

Cari, sitting next to me in the dark shirt, was in my very first English class. She then attended each of the six years that I taught and is graduating this year. I'm going to miss her so much! She's grown tremendously as a writer and is so talented. She has been my top student this year and is more than ready for college.
Back row: Nick, Daniel, Stephen, and David
Front Row: Cari, me, Acacia

Sophomores and Seniors make a marvelous mixture. =)

Thank you, mis queridos estudiantes, for being such a joy. From Disney to Dickinson, it has been delightful!


agable said...

I really want to be as awesome as you are some day. This sort of thing makes me smile :)

Raquel said...

I always loved this class. You're a great teacher! Thank you for how much you helped my mom and me in our early homeschool years! Love you!


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