Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Writing Assignment

Glenna was handed a list of questions from her English teacher, Mrs. R. She had to come up with a specific object to answer each question, or an adjective or descriptive feeling. She was encouraged to use photographs or objects around the house in her descriptions, mostly that evoke items of heritage.

I've copied it below for the Grandmas. However, all of you may enjoy it, too!

I sure did. =)

Where I'm From
by Glenna W.

I am from dusty western horses,
From Publix sweet tea and wrangler jeans,
I am from the tan add-on house with boxy bushes,
Rusty, grainy, dirt-smelling shovels.

I am from the tabebuia, jasmine, and thunderstorms
Bold, powerful, and freeing.
I am from evenings spent watching the Masters,
And blue Irish eyes,
From Chester and Rosie.
I am from the spontaneous singing and movie quoting,
From besame mija and get in the car.

I am from a faith of grace and relation,
Of less religion and more relationship.
I am from Scottish glens and Irish shores,
From Beef Sammies and Moose Tracks,
From the sweaty blacksmith shops of an Irish man,
And pristine and crisp Harvey Girl aprons of German women.
From mining towns and hilly beaches,
And from the smoke of the immigrant’s ship,
From personal struggle to personal peace and joy.

I am from story reading and blankets on the grass,
From stone walls and a sister’s love,
From white backdrops and red dresses,
From brown curls and golf balls on the green,
And from paintbrushes and a family of trust.

I am change.


Mary Ann said...

Thank you, Glenna, for such a beautiful poem, and thanks, JoAnna, for sending it. Aunt Sara was a poet, and she'd have been thrilled by this, as I am.
Happy Easter to you all.
Mary Ann

Mrs. R said...

And I publicly salute Glenna for a job well done.

Mrs. R


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