Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Girl . . .

. . . .cracks me up all the time!

I work with Brittany. She's my son's age. She seems rather quiet, but she throws out these zingers that have me laughing a deep, belly laugh.

On this day, I asked Miss Nancy whether I needed to change the greeting on the phone before we left for the weekend. Brittany was sitting behind me, working on charts.

Miss Nancy thought the phone would be fine, but Brittany suggested we "record it using a Jamaican accent."


Say mon, we be gone 'til Monday, off to do our second and third jobs. Do you have only one job, you lazy goat? Leave de message, and we be callin' you back. Respect.

1 comment:

Jessica Leigh said...

She has a nice smile! No surprise there!


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