Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Patient

Vincent, age 87, is a joy to have in our office! We all walk around with smiles whenever he comes in.

Recently, Miss Nancy went over the extensive work that he had to have done. Tab told him, "See? We get to spend a lot of time together!"

"I WANT to spend time with YOU," he assured her. "It's the OTHER guy I don't want to spend time with."

He's had to come in twice in as many weeks. On Thursday as I walked past room 3 where Vincent was gearing up for his procedures, I couldn't help but smile as I saw Dr. D push his chair aside, throw back his head, hold onto his guts, and laugh and laugh. Tab was laughing as well and I was so sorry to have missed the joke. Later, I could hear Nancy's laughter as she was checking him out and setting up his next appointment.

Monday this week, when I walked into the office, Nancy told me Vincent had died. His family was going through his things and noticed he had an appointment, so they called to let us know.

We are crushed.

His family member said that as they are calling to give the news, they are finding that Vincent touched so many, many people.

He certainly touched my heart! Rest in peace, Vincent B. Thank you for brightening our lives for a while.

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