Friday, April 22, 2011

One Cute Pup

Although Missy has a bad reputation amongst our friends and family, she's actually not a bad dog.

Just don't leave your socks out where she can get them.

And don't leave anything on the coffee table.

And don't set your drink on the floor.

And don't leave your bedroom door open.

And don't open the freezer without giving her an ice cube.

And don't leave any pencils within reach.

And don't leave the gate off the stairway or she'll bark and scratch at the window.

And don't leave the bathroom door open or she'll find things or tear apart the rug.

If you can remember all of this, she's actually a good dog!

Recently, I took her and Jack to the groomer. Missy was finished first and tried not to go crazy while waiting for Jack.

She looked out the window for a while.

No, really. There was a squirrel and it came right up to the glass door. I thought Missy was going to bust a thread.

She paced a bit:

She looks so funny here:
Now that her face has grown back a little, she looks so much like an Ewok with large, brown button eyes.

The other night, I looked over and saw this:
They were both sound asleep.

I think Glenna heard me a little. See how Missy's tucked under her chin?
Once in a while, Glenna will scoop up her pup and head for the stairs, telling me she's off to take a nap.

Missy actually obliges. She's a great napper.

But she can be a yapper.

She's a kicker, but she can't hold her Licker.

She's a lover, not a biter!


Raquel said...

She is a good napper, but it doesn't work out so well when there's two girls AND a dog in a twin sized bed...she took up most of the room.

I loved the picture of Glenna and Missy sleeping together! That's so cute (:

Bekah R. said...

Awww! Too cute!


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