Wednesday, April 06, 2011

That Girl

Remember when I used to find all kinds of crazy photos on my camera?

Well, I don't currently have a camera, but my computer has photo booth.

Some of them are hilarious! Some of them are really, really good. I'll let you decide.

I don't think I've ever been, nor will I ever be, this comfortable in front of a camera. I guess it makes a difference when you don't think anyone will see them! HAH! That will teach her to leave them on the computer!

These two are my favorites:

Glenna has a horrible cold. We went to the store to stock up on meds and tissue (4 for $5!). The clerk who rang up our order asked, "How are you today? Oh . ..never mind. Hope you feel better!"


Anonymous said...

Love it! Rachel is exactly the same way.

I'm just like you, though, and could never be that uninhibited in front of a camera, lol!

Feel better, Glenna!


IBPaddy said...

she is so talented. cute pics too :)

muncho love

Jessica Leigh said...

Love the photo with the sun coming through the window shade!

Raquel said...

Did you find the ones that we took on the way to pick up Kelly? haha :D

Mrs said...

Oh yes, Raquel. You guys are nuts.


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