Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Sweet Perk

I was a stay-at-home mom for 21 years. These were the most rewarding, exhausting, wonderful, frustrating, and beautiful years of my life so far.

I returned to work part time; first to Space Mountain, and then to a local dental practice. When I began to work outside the home, I discovered something amazing: Perks.

At Space Mountain, this came in the form of free park tickets, letting family members in 16 times per year, multiple discounts, and the occasional cast member appreciation picnic.

At the dentist office, perks come in the form of food.

Many dental specialists know that their business thrive by recommendations from our office. Dr. D does almost everything himself, but once in a while we'll send our patients to different practices for different specialty surgeries. They, in turn, send patients to us for dental care.

Every once in a while, these specialist also send us a reminder that their practice is around, or a thank you for recommendations. These notices come in the form of cookies and candy at Christmas or other holidays.

Last month, a woman walked into our office and said, "Greetings from Dr. White! We've brought you an ice cream truck! Please come out and make your selection!"

She didn't have to tell ME twice! I was out the door in a heartbeat.

Sorry this is so dark. This is Dr. White, who has a pediatric dentistry practice. We certainly felt like little kids with an ice cream truck!

He had an entire spiel about "Making your day and your smile bright with Dr. White." He was great!

We all rushed out for our selections. I grabbed some almond coated/vanilla almond cream DREAM bar. I need to look for these at Publix.

Or maybe I shouldn't.

Miss Nancy had orders for Tabitha and Dr. D as well.

This came in on Thursday:
Thank you, Dr. Krieger! We don't know why, but we sure weren't going to question!

This was also brought into the office, but we didn't get to keep it:

He deliberately smiled at his mama for the first time while he was here!
Miss Nancy said she will never forget the joy and delight of that mama as her baby boy smiled for the first time! The mama was crying and laughing and trying to text her husband, then trying to get him to do it again for the camera.

Glenna has encouraged me to bring any and all cookies and goodies home. The girl has caught on quickly - if it's chocolate, I can't eat it.

But Glenna can!

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