Friday, February 06, 2009

Home Improvement?

I adore a freshly painted wall.

Married to a painter, I am fortunate enough to have a husband who adores a freshly painted wall even more than I do. I've also had more opportunities than most brides to actually receive freshly painted walls.

I was thrilled when Himself announced he was preparing to paint our garage/school room exterior. The mishmash of current colors wasn't repulsive, but it was also, well, mishmash-y. He told me there were certain colors he needed to use and test for his business.

Evidently, some painters have complained about the paint not working the way it should.

He quickly masked off the doors and windows and started applying the primer.

Already, the primer gives it a freshness! Before, we had primer around the red doors, beige walls, tan trim. Mishmash.

This side of the school room is already primed.

Curious about the colors, I walked over to the two, five-gallon buckets.
What is that under the lid? Which colors, exactly, were giving the painters trouble?

I spied some on the grass (looked like someone had sneezed it there) and tried not to gasp. Or gag. One of the two.
I know my camera and the lighting is not doing this justice. It looked suspiciously like peach yogurt.

I'm not a fan of peach-colored paint, but peach yogurt isn't so bad. That's the color he was going to put on the trim.

Ok . . . . what about the walls?
It's CALLED Copper Penny. it LOOKS like something else, altogether.

Here's the peach yogurt trim.

Here's the body color on the side.
I had no words. I had no words, because I'm sticking to the 'If you can't say something nice' mantra. It's just so, so . . . brown.

Regardless of the color, he really is an excellent painter. I couldn't be more thrilled with the care and skill he takes, even when testing out some hideous paint.

I was honestly trying to get him in the "upward" position, but he paints too quickly for my little camera. We'll have to put this one in the awkward pose file.

Ah! Now he's standing up.

Here, he's using a handy little gadget to test the mil thickness. One of the complaints was that they couldn't put it on a certain mil thickness without it sagging or running.

Hmmm. . . . a mil thickness of 11 and it's performing just as it's supposed to. Painters of the world, you can thank Himself and my school room for finding that out on your behalf!

As the colors began to dry, I was relieved that the yellow began to look less like peach yogurt. It kind of faded into a lemon yogurt, but it didn't stop there.

It should have stopped there. Again, this lighting isn't doing it justice. I should have waited until it was in full sun.

Friends, I give you Nacho Cheese and Beans.
Glenna has dubbed it The Mexican Side Dish. (Please note: the overspray will be corrected, of course.)

I have begged Himself for a large yard sign that reads, "I did not pick these colors! My husband did!"

So far, he has not complied.


Matt said...

Hahhaa..............Mrs. Welsh! This great! I'm sorry about the colors, but I laughed at your description......nacho cheese and beans! Classic!!

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Actually...I like the Mexican Side Dish! The red door trim makes it look classy.

Mrs said...

Yes; the red door is the one saving grace. Seriously, you have to see it in person!


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