Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Would You Say that to a Stranger?

I love to interact with strangers.

I've noticed this is a habit that completely embarrasses my son, so I try not to do it when he's around. For example:

This morning I was at the store and needed more tea. There was gruff-looking, construction-type man already in the tea aisle, trying to find something he liked. I don't care much for Bigelow tea, so I was searching for the limited ones I was allowed to drink (peppermint and Rooibus, no citrus) in the other brands.

He was at one end, I was at the other, and we were slowly walking toward the center.

At the point where we needed to go around each other, I hollered out, "SWITCH!"

Just as quickly, he hollered, "SWITCH!" and we both jumped to exchange places. I found my tea and we both parted with smiles.

I love that!

Kelly's catching on to it, but Ty would have given me a stern lecture after we left, although he's learning that this can even be appropriate.

Kelly made an observation the other day, stating, "Mom, what happened to us? We used to be so loud and fun, and now we're a very quiet family."

I encouraged her to be loud and fun! I know that for myself, I had to tone things down a bit when I noticed it embarrassed my son. Now that he's at a less-easily-embarrassed age, we can turn the volume up a notch.

'Natch. :-)

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Jessica Leigh said...

I would definitely be thinking of something funny to say, but I'd bring Tali along to say it for me! ;)

P.S. Thanks! My Thursday has been so nice! It's only gotten better since the 8am mid-term! Hope yours has been wonderful, too. :)


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