Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Squids

As my friend BA pointed out, the kids had a great time while Himself and I were away!

First, they had to go to Dinner A'Fare and get our meals. Thankfully, Jessie and her mother were there with Jessie's camera!

They did a great job of putting our meals together for the next two weeks. It has been interesting to prepare the meals only by the directions. When I prepare them, that's the first time I'm seeing them. Still works!

Tyler was impressed with the Dinner A'Fare facilities. He found them neat, efficient, and orderly.

At some time during their travels, they met up with Jessie and her charge at a pottery place before going to Park Ave.

Then, I'm guessing they ate somewhere.
Glenna says Ty kept putting the camera in Kelly's face for "close-ups," hence the wince.

This one's a favorite!
Glenna laughed when she saw it. Jessie got to experience first-hand how difficult it can be to get a decent picture of Ty! First he protested, then he denied the need for the photo, then he somehow manipulated Glenna into knocking her water over (which had to be cleaned up), then he gave a fake smile. Finally, she got a great photo! Welcome to my world, Jess!

Lastly, after Himself and I came home, Ty headed off to a Valentine's celebration with his girl.
He made the candle holder in Jessie's hand! Out of metal at his shop! Surrounded by "dudes" who were sure to mock! Then, they attended a symphony!

See why I wasn't worried about anything?


Jessica Leigh said...

Ha ha, I laughed at your description of trying to capture a candid shot of Ty and Glenna! That's exactly how it was!

It's been so nice to practice late at night/early in the morning with a candle lit. :)

Wait...are you poking fun at the symphony orchestra? ;)

Mrs said...

:-D No! I'm definitely NOT poking fun at the symphony orchestra! Ty actually enjoyed it very much!

Rachel said...

I love how Jessie is wearing a nice dress and sweater and...converse. :-)

emolcon: a mole who's an internet icon.

agable said...

These pictures are priceless! I love them all!

BA said...

See...what'd I tell you :-).


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