Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April . . . No Foolin'!

It has been a great break from blogging and from the computer, though I admit I didn't break as much as I had hoped. Still, I've gained fresh insight, caught up on the laundry, and am determined to finish school well!

Today is a nervous day for me. After almost 20 years of "getting" Tyler with a joke on April Fool's Day, he's now figuring out that it's possible to pull one over on Mom. Last year he called me from Walmart and said he'd been in a car accident (he wasn't). This year, I'll try to be on my guard while figuring out a way to keep my prankster position as number one.

I'll let you know what pans out.

Great to be back! Now to scan through the 400 some-odd blogs that I've missed!


agable said...

So great to have you back :)

BA said...

Welcome back :-). I've missed you!


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