Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

I wish I had a ton of baby photos uploaded onto my computer. I want the whole world to see how cute you were as a baby, and to know how marvelous you are now!

This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.

Today, you are twenty years old. I have cherished each day with you! (Yes, even when you were eleven. You were pretty rough then, but you still had your moments of kindness and gentleness.)

I love your playfulness. I wonder if all your friends know about it? Do they know how you stood in line at Lil' 500, even though you've already worked there for three years, and started chanting, "Go karts! Go karts!" like an excited little kid?

Do they know how sweet you are to your sisters? It's no wonder your sisters adore you and would give you the world. I'm so thankful that even when things are tough, you don't take it out on them. Or, if you do, your apology is quick and sincere. They feel so safe with you and are so confident in your love.

It is my greatest treasure.

Do they know how you helped me win at the Mother/Son Road Rally? You coaxed me onto the track (I didn't want to ride in the rain. You convinced me it was only sprinkling.). You saw me take the lead. While I was racing as fast as I could, you were behind me, making sure I stayed in front. I even got to drive a victory lap with the checkered flag! Go Team W!
I am so thankful your tumultuous teens are behind you, though I wouldn't change a day of your hard work and spiritual growth. Every incident shaped you into the man you are today; a man of integrity who seeks the Lord, strives to know His will, and blesses others. Where I am quick to criticize others, you are quick to sympathize. I've taught you so much, but now I find myself learning from you.

My son, if your heart is wise, my heart will indeed rejoice. My innermost being will cheer when your lips say what is right. Psalm 23:15-16

With your father and myself, there is much cheering and rejoicing because of you.

You are greatly loved.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!


agable said...

Awe! This was so sweet :) Happiest of birthdays to Tyler!

Jessica Leigh said...

This made me tear up. :)

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler! He sounds like such an awesome young man...what a blessing!

Paddy said...

WOW i didn't know Laura was a year older than him... she turned 21 in Feb.... yes, YIKES

happy birthday Tyler, may the Lord shine upon you today and always...... long time friend, Paddy


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