Monday, April 12, 2010


Occasionally, Himself and I will catch an episode of the new TV show, Undercover Boss. It's intriguing to have an inside look at businesses! It's cheap entertainment, what can we say?

The show has a distinct pattern. They start by introducing us to the featured CEO and his background story, and then the CEO will go "undercover" into his own business at an entry-level job. Inevitably, he'll check into a cheap motel (Why? Who will know or care where he sleeps?) and talk about his nervousness on going to work the next day. Then he'll reach up and turn off the wall lamp.

Also inevitably, Himself will turn to me and say, "That's a nice lamp!"

Does anyone else catch the sarcasm dripping from his words? Because it's there, friends; believe me, it's there.

Many years ago in California, we had friends who had a cleaning business. They would clean offices and hotels and sometimes become the recipients of discarded items. One such item was an entire box of these wall lamps.

I managed to secure a couple of them (it was the 90's! Brass was in!), but it wasn't until we moved to Florida that I actually convinced Himself to hang them on the walls.

So what if they're featured each week in the cheapest motels on Undercover Boss? They work, don't they?


Photo taken from the internet, but this is what our lamp actually looks like - with a nicer shade and a light bulb, though!

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