Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rwanda Hope and Heavenly Hope

I cannot get her out of my mind.

Last Friday, we sat in our church's sanctuary and watched a young mother trembling and trying to speak. It wasn't because she was nervous or had stage fright; no, it was far more heart wrenching than that.

We had enjoyed some praise music from the Access218 Band from Jacksonville, then Jeremy and Allie B. began to speak about their hopes for adopting a baby girl. The concert was a benefit to help raise funds for the adoption. Jeremy and Allie each spoke on their journey to adoption and how all of their "papers" are now gratefully in Rwanda, awaiting final approval from that country. Then Allie began to give us some background information on the history of Rwanda.

Allie and Jeremy have two boys, ages 3 and under. As I watched Allie fight her tears and try to speak through the pain of separation, however, I also realized that they are parents of a little girl as well.

They don't know her name.

They don't know her birth date.

They don't know if right now, today, she's warm enough or has enough to eat.

They don't know the circumstances that led to her placement in the Rwandan orphanage.

They don't know her family history or even if she has been born yet!

They do know that God has hand-picked them to be her Daddy and Mommy. They know that their arms are aching to hold her, their hands are aching to tuck her into bed with soothing and comfort, and their lips are aching to kiss her goodnight.

Allie was struggling because one of her children is not at HOME. Her pain was just as real as if one of her boys were thousands of miles away and in need of a miracle to get home!

Lastly, my eyes were fully opened to the beauty of adoption - not only for Jeremy and Allie and a little girl in Rwanda but for each one of us. God has paid the ultimate price to adopt us into HIS family, so that we might be called His children.

He knows our names.

He knows our birth dates.

He knows if right now, today, we're warm enough or have enough to eat.

He knows the circumstances that led to our separation from Him, and He did the only thing He could to bring us back: He sent His Son to the cross.

He knows everything about our history, even things that we ourselves have forgotten!

I also know for certain that His arms are aching to hold us, His hands are aching to sooth and comfort us, and His lips are aching to kiss us goodnight, just like any Father.

A little girl in Rwanda is waiting to be united with her family.

From watching Allie struggle to speak on that stage, I have also come to realize just how eagerly my Heavenly Father is waiting to be united with me . . . and because of the word picture painted that night, I have felt that same eagerness to be united with Him; probably for the first time in my life.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


agable said...

This is beautiful. Praying for a sweet baby girl in Rwanda this morning.

Jessica Leigh said...

I've always had a special place in my heart for adoption, partly because a childhood friend was adopted. As I've grown, I've come to realize even more what a beautiful picture of God's Love earthly adoption is.
It's like this quote I read, talking about how we are to mirror God's beauty. This reflection is exceedingly clear.

Allie said...

Thank you for writing this! It makes the crying worthwhile. :)


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