Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tues . . . Thurs . . . A Guest-Star Anyway!

This was too important not to pass along!

We have an adoption story in our family. One of my brothers had a biological mother who was 18 years old, and he was her 3rd child! She decided to place him for adoption and our lives were changed forever.

I love you, MY brother!

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Gafut said...

My husband's birth mother had been date raped. She was an Irish Catholic, afraid her father would kill her if he found out. Desperate, she was planning to drive off a cliff in her car, but she heard a voice speak to her from the "empty" back seat of her car, saying, "Everything is going to be all right.". It was the sweetest voice she ever heard. As a result of that encounter, she birthed my husband and placed him with the parents who raised him. Now he, his wife (me), and our two children are following the One with the sweetest voice in the world. In the summer of '95, we met his birth mother, her two children, as well as (believe it or not, she sought him out and introduced us to him) his birth father and his three children. Among those 6 children are 2 evangelicals, one nominal believer, and three who are undecided about spiritual things. It was remarkable to get to know them all,talk about the miracle of our involvement in their family, as well as to be able to thank Art's birth mother for her amazing sacrifice that meant LIFE to us. I think that this is probably one of my motivations for being involved for so many years in pro-life work. God is good, all the time.


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