Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Cat . . .

. . . but satisfaction brought it back.

Many have asked about Kelly's math paragraph. Here it is in all its glory! Mrs. R, she says it's not great according to your standards. =) Not enough variation on sentence openers.

She was shown a picture of a hallway and told to describe it in a paragraph.

The hallway is a cold collection of angles and planes. Angles are formed systematically at the dozens of points where the planes meet in a perpendicular fashion. This pattern of intersecting planes creates a hall that has a series of inlets creating line segments that stop and start. This style contradicts the common hall of two parallel lines. The arrangement of collinear lights in the ceiling are circular; this means a math teacher may require her students to find the measurement of an arc encrypted in the lights' circumferences. From my perspective, there is one ray. It begins in an inlet and seems to continue into eternity. Not to be forgotten are the many vertexes hidden in each corner of every angle, also just longing to be measured. As it turns out the hallway isn’t cold, it just takes some work to find its personality.


Jessica Leigh said...

Nice personification and visual imagery, Kelly!

TyleresT said...

Man! is everyone good at writing things online except me! (tell Kelly that she sounds smart, but I know how it really is)

Jessica Leigh said...

So much for the theory of Ty not reading your blog!
No more funny stories or baby pictures...



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