Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Again

I am home and almost caught up on my sleep. It was such a great Women's Retreat! I feel like I need to unpack not only my clothing and items, but I need to just as carefully unpack all the things I learned from the sessions. Just as purposely, I want to make sure they're placed where I will use them daily and not tossed into a corner somewhere.

Being the emcee was fun! I only made a few blunders (like calling Beverly Tyree by the last name O'Fee. Beverly O'Fee was my friend in California). I also have blisters on my feet for walking two hours on the beach, barefoot. Those were some pretty determined steps I was taking.

Now I am content to be back home and facing my daily life. God is good.

PS: Please pray for Dad today if you think of it. He's facing a medical decision that would help him tremendously if he chooses to do it, but so far he's refusing. Today he receives a second opinion and it will hopefully convince him.


agable said...

Praying! Glad to have you back :)

Jessica Leigh said...

As much as the beach isn't my favorite place, there's nothing like running barefoot on the sand. (Definitely one of my favorite runs ever!) The same goes for walking!

Welcome home! Your family was in good hands. :)


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