Friday, September 18, 2009

What Did They Say?

My children have a language all their own. It's hilarious.

The fact that we don't watch television is directly responsible for this. We are not continually bombarded with noise or visual stimuli, so the things we do watch on TV are more apt to stick in our minds.

We love watching movies.

We have our favorite actors and genres, and when we watch a movie we thoroughly enjoy engaging in the story. Sharing this experience as a family gives us common ground. The result is, my children speak to each other in cinema. Cinematology? Cinema-ish?

All Kelly has to do is mumble a movie line under her breath, and her siblings either crack up or instantly gain understanding of a situation. It helps that Kelly is an excellent mimic and can usually nail an accent or voice impersonation on the head.

For example, someone does something nice to another person. Kelly's squeaky voice says, "You're a good person." -the prawn in Shark Tales

One of us are facing a potentially scary situation. Another one of us says, "Stay alive! I'll find you! Just stay alive!" -The Last of the Mohicans

All of us know what the other is talking about, but people who aren't rabid movie fans are sometimes clueless. In fact, the M family often has no idea what Tyler and Kelly are talking about as they go back and forth in this coded dialogue that has the both of them grinning and laughing.

What are they even saying?

The other day, our brown-eyed girl was over and happened to throw out a movie line.

It was a proud moment for us all. She's going to do just fine.


BA said...

My family is the same way except with lines, expressions, intonations, etc. of our favorite comedian. We'll never be the same...

BTW, I NEVER remember movie lines and would be just as clueless as your brown-eyed girl's family :-).

Jessica Leigh said...

Ha ha!
I really just want to sit down and watch Shark Tale with you all. I feel like it'll be enlightening! ;)

Mrs. M. said...

Not only can I not remember movie lines, but I can barely remember whether I've even seen a movie that I've apparently already seen (according to the rest of my family).

Phyllis said...

Hee hee. I'd be clueless on the movie lines, but our family definitely has our own language, too: Runglish. :-)

I hope you're going to the ladies retreat and coming back to blog about it!

agable said...

You guys crack me up :)


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