Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sometimes I Just Forget

I am convinced that God created hormones in order to keep women dependent on Him.

Let's face it; women are pretty competent creatures! Once per month, however, I know that it takes God's strength to get me through each day. (Actually, once per month is a misnomer. It's more like a week.)

When I draw on God's strength, I'm able to get out of bed.

On my own strength, I don't turn around and make it up.

In fact, my day looks like a checklist of successes and failures, each showing where I pushed God out of the way and took over:

Made dinner for the family. [Ding!]

Didn't bother with vegetables. [Fail.]

Took a shower and dried my hair. [Ding!]

Didn't bother with makeup. [Fail.]

Attacked the overflowing mess in the kitchen. [Ding!]

Corrected a child with anger instead of gentleness. [Fail.]

Made a healthful lunch, and fixed the evening's salad while I was at it. [Ding!]

Ate too much. [Fail.]

It reminds me of the book my children loved by Mercer Mayer, titled I Just Forgot. The little boy would remember some things but forget others. For example, he would remember to put his dishes in the sink, but he would forget to put the milk away. He would remember to take a bath, but he would forget to turn the water off.

As for me, I hope to do more remembering (drawing on the strength of the Lord) than forgetting (depending on myself). One empowers, the other drains, and both are deliberate choices. Moment by moment, right?


agable said...

I feel that way every day. If I do well at work, I've neglected something at home, and vice versa. I think you do a great job with everything though!
Oh, and I love how you say "moment by moment". That saying can apply to pretty much any situation.

BA said...

Moment by moment...

Jessica Leigh said...

For some reason, I distinctly hear Kelly saying, "Ding!" :)

Glenna W. said...

"I didn't forget to feed the puppy, He just didn't look that hungry." =)


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