Monday, August 23, 2010

Another College Kid

I couldn't help it. I cried.

I stood with the other parents and family members encircling our college students at the orientation. We held hands as the principle prayed for us and for them. He has done this many, many times before, but he knew that we all needed to know that God was and is involved in all of this.

We can trust Him, and we do!

Still, I was embarrassed to feel the tears leave my eyes and leaned out, hoping it would miss leaving a water stain on my blouse, but felt guilty for putting water, even a teardrop, on the beautiful gym floor. I tried to rub it out with my foot and realized I was disturbing the young man standing next to me, so I stopped.

What price, vanity? ;-)

Kelly is moved and settled into her first dorm room! None of her parents have ever experienced this. The college campus, atmosphere, and people all seem taylor-made for our girl!

I know that soon these bare walls will be made her own as she settles in and figures out what the rules are. She felt more comfortable as soon as she was able to arrange her desk, spread her grandma's quilt on the bed, and put her things away. It was sweet to see her roommate, a senior, had the same color scheme in bedding! They are also the two most fortunate girls on campus - they scored the only room with just two beds and NO bunkbeds. It will make next year a little tough to get used to!

We attended our meetings and activities, met a bunch of local churches at the "meet and greet" arranged by the college, and then we attended a church service with her the next morning. Lunch at Olive Garden, one last trip to Target, and then it was time to say goodbye.

That was hard. My girl hugged me and reminded me that this is God's plan for ME right now, too.

Sweetheart, how did you ever get to be so wise? Just so you know, Daddy cried a little on the way home. I may or may not have cried, but I have no witnesses because my head was under my shawl.

That's all I'm going to say about that.


agable said...

I can tell you are one proud mama.

You done good :)

Jessica Leigh said...

So glad she has a desk!

Good things aren't always easy. (Stinks, right?) Still, I'm so excited for Kelly! Can't wait to visit.

I may or may not have shed some tears after my goodbye Friday night. :(

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm crying right now just reading this. I also can't help but think that this, too, may very well be happening to us in 3 years. Ahhh!

Can you just imagine my mom putting her little 6 year old girl on a plane to fly out to boarding school? I don't know how she survived...well, yes I do...through the grace and strength of our Lord.

Praying for you all and so excited for Kelly!

Love you friend,

Beth Anne


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