Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Question

What would it take for this to be a great evening for you?

Saturday, I was working the Grouper position. I have to admit, I was pretty tired and my mind felt foggy. I had worked the Extra Magic Hours the night before and didn't get home until 3:30 a.m., slept fitfully until noon, got some things done around the house, and then went back to work at six. The Grouper position was taking my full concentration! Sometimes it's easy (like when groups come in 6's or 3's), but sometimes no one listens or stays where I've placed them.

Since I was at Grouper 2 on B side, I was responsible for attending to guests who may come up to the gate. Usually, they're at the gate because they're doing a Rider Switch - one parent waits with a child too small to go on the ride, then switches with the parent who has just ridden - and I fit them into a group as quickly as possible. Since a Rider Switch is only for up to three people, I was kind of surprised to see a party of 4, two adult men and two children, waiting at the gate.

I approached the group and asked how I could help them. One of the adults showed me his Guest Assistance Card (used for guests who may have a wheelchair or other special needs). I noticed immediately that the stamp on this particular card was a stoplight in green. This means that this party was most likely with the Make a Wish Foundation and someone WAS either very sick, IS very sick, or is possibly terminal in their condition. The Park gave them this Green Light to try to get them through the queues as quickly and smoothly as possible, and some thoughtful person at Merge directed them past the line and to the gate.

As soon as I could, I grouped the party into position for the ride. As I did this, the adult who showed me the card asked me how my evening was going.

"Oh, it's going pretty good," I replied, trying not to sound or look exhausted.

"Well, what would it take for this to be a great evening for you, J?"

I laughed and made some feeble remark about having more sleep the night before. He smiled and gave his attention to the children who were with him.

I haven't stopped thinking about that man and his question. The minute he stepped into the rocket, I knew exactly what he was asking me to consider, and I've been considering it ever since. My eyes followed him all the way through restraint until he disappeared on his journey of 2.5 minutes in space.

He's walking around with a green-light stamp on a Guest Assistance Card and he's having a great evening, but obviously, things have not been great for him lately. His life has been touched by something very, very difficult.

My life has been touched by lost sleep and a few financial worries.

WHY was I not having a great evening?

Because I was choosing not to. That's it - that't the plain and simple truth.

The previous evening I had such a great attitude and enjoyed my work and the guests so much! Saturday evening, I was letting exhaustion rule my attitude and interractions unfavorably. I was letting exhaustion rob me of a great evening.

Moment by moment, I have a choice to make. God sent me such a timely reminder in the form of one man with a baseball cap, two children, and a Guest Assistance Card. For the rest of the evening I chose to throw off my exaustion and turn to each guest with a smile.

It's not hard to figure out that I had a great evening!


agable said...

I LOVE this post. I am right there with you. Whenever I don't sleep much the night before, I spend the day in a fog, NOT having a great day. I am going to keep this post fresh in my mind today and have a GREAT day :)

Paddy said...

His Angels come in every form. Praise Him!

what a wonderful reminder, thanks i'm off to work to have a GREAT DAY!


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