Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's in the Jeans

All we wanted was a pair of jeans for each girl.

There was a sale at Old Navy, so we set out to get some much needed jeans. It honestly shouldn't have been that difficult.

But it was.

Oh, but it was.

Back in the day when I needed jeans, Mom and I would head to Miller's Outpost and stand before the wall of Levis. We'd read the instructions on the Button Up 501's, select the ones we needed, then head home.

At home, we'd take the jeans that were 3 sizes too large and wash them several times in hot water. They'd shrink down and feel like heaven for the next two years, gradually fading with time and wearings.


With the girls yesterday, they had to try on sizes ranging from 1 to 8.

1 to 8!

Let's see if I can re-cap:

The styles come in Diva, Flirt, or Sweetheart. Under each of these categories we also have Skinny, Super Skinny, Regular, Flare, Lowcut, Lowestcut, and Bootcut.

Me to the sales clerk: Could we just have a SLIM-fit, straightleg?

Sales Clerk: We don't have that. You could try Sweetheart Regular for that, but we're out.

Of course you are.

Glenna was able to find one pair of jeans. Kelly walked out with a sweater and unmentionables (so I won't mention them). No jeans.

Speaking of Kelly:

I told her that we needed to make a list of items that she'll need at college. Here's what I had in mind:

Nail clippers
Cold Medicine
Sewing Kit

Here's what she wrote on her list:

Rain boots
Hat I liked

I love that kid.


Jessica Leigh said...

Hey, I am the girl to go jeans shopping with. I never buy a pair I don't like, and I wear them forever - one pair is going on 4 years!

agable said...

I dislike shopping for jeans. It seems like every store has a different idea of what a size is. Bring on the sweat pants :)


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